If you are amazed at how Instagram works and the number of people using the platform, we believe that the statistics of the social media platform will be jaw-dropping for you. If you do not trust us, read these facts we have compiled about Instagram in this article! 

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We have mentioned every attribute that will leave you stunned, from user stats to statistics associated with Instagram for business. So let’s get right into the details, shall we?

Statistics about Instagram: In a Nutshell: 

To give you an overall idea about Instagram and before diving into the particulars, we have outlined some of the major statistics mentioned below. But before that, let’s get an insight into the company. 

Set Up On 6 October 2010
HeadquartersMenlo Park, California
Authorities Head of Instagram: Adam MosseriCo-founders: Mike Krieger & Kevin Systrom
Parent CompanyMeta (Facebook)

Now let’s have a glimpse of Instagram. 

  1. If you are wondering who has the highest number of followers and how many, the answer is Cristiano Ronaldo. The footballer has over 466 million followers, equal to 33.62% of monthly active users (MAUs). 
  2. Instagram’s workforce comprises 450 individuals. 
  3. An average Instagram user spends half an hour on the medium. 
  4. India has the maximum number of Instagram users, holding to be 230.25 million. Subsequently, the United States (159.75 million), Brazil (119.45 million), Indonesia (99.15 million), and Russia (63 million) have the highest number of Instagrammers in the same order. 
  5. The platform has over 500 million daily active users (DAUs). 

Instagram User Statistics

With over 2 billion MAUs, Instagram has become the 4th most excellent social network globally. Other similar mesmerizing user statistics are stated below:

  • The MAUs of Instagram reached 110 million in 2013 to over 2 billion in 2023.
  • Instagram attained the 1 million user mark in a mere 67 days. 
  • 6.32% of the world’s population, i.e., around 500 million people, uses Instagram daily. 
  • The most downloaded application in the fourth quarter of 2021 was Instagram. 
  • Gen Z’s favorite social media platform is Instagram. If you do not know what Gen Z is, it refers to the kids born between 1997 and 2012, that is, every one of the ages from 16 to 24 currently.

Instagram Business Statistics

Instagram for Businesses has proven to be greatly useful since several brands have been able to build a presence with the use of the platform.

Instagram Business Statistics
  • 90 percent of Instagram users follow a minimum of one brand.
  • Instagram’s advertisement reach outdid the ad reach of Facebook. The reach of Facebook grew by merely 6.5 percent, but that of Instagram increased by an astonishing 20.5 percent. 
  • 50 percent of Instagrammers have used Instagram to look for new businesses.
  • An average Instagram business account obtains 1.69 percent more audience every month.
  • 57 percent of Instagram users like to see quizzes and polls from brands.

Instagram Content Statistics

If you have a look at the content statistics, you’ll get to know what kind of content is preferred by Instagrammers. 

Instagram Content Statistics
  • The best day for posting on Instagram is Tuesday. More specifically, if you post between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., you’re likely to get the highest reach.
  • 91 percent of active Instagram consumers watch videos weekly. 
  • The maximum engagement rate per impression is achieved by carousel posts. 
  • The average engagement rate per post on Instagram is 0.98 percent. Nonetheless, the rate is much higher for influencers, which is nearly 1.42 percent. 
  • Stories produce one-quarter of Instagram’s advertisement revenues.

Instagram Influencer Statistics

Since Instagram is a platform that allows the sharing of media; it has become an essential constituent in the world of influencers. Instagram influencers earn money based on the total number of followers. 

Instagram Influencer Statistics
  • Influencers with less than 10,000 followers earn nearly $80 to $90 per post.
  • Influencers with over 1 million followers are paid approximately $1900 for every post. 
  • Nearly 87 percent of Instagram users claim that an influencer inspired them to make a buying decision. 
  • Approx 70 percent of shoppers utilize the platform to look for novel products. 
  • If an influencer has 43k Instagram followers, eight stories, and eight monthly posts, they are likely to make $37,442 annually, equivalent to an average UK citizen’s income. 

Features that Led to Fast Instagram Growth

Instagram’s worldwide MAU rate has grown greatly in the past months. Below is a table demonstrating the duration it took Instagram to grow by 100 million users. 

14 September to 15 June9 months
17 April to 17 September6 months
17 December to 18 April4 months
16 June to 16 December6 months
15 September to 16 June9 months
14 December to 15 September9 months
14 March to 14 December9 months

In 2016, Instagram had nearly 550 million MAUs out of which only 18 percent of them were DAUs. However, over 50 percent of MAUs are engaged with the platform daily. This ever-increasing number of Instagram DAUs is clearly a result of its exhilarating new features. So, what features are these? Let’s find out!

  • Instagram Reels: The platform’s response to TikTok for the creation of fun videos and adding filters and audio. 
  • Live Video: Go live to stream videos with the followers. They can also interact with you. Moreover, users can go live together as well.
  • IGTV or Instagram Television: Upload videos more than a minute long.
  • Feed Algorithm: The Instagram algorithm arranges the feed on the basis of which posts will amuse the users.
  • Ephemeral Messages: Private and secured messages that disappear once the receiver sees them.
  • Instagram Stories: Video and photo montages that disappear after 24 hours. 
  • Translation: Bios, captions, and comments can be translated in real-time.

The Bottom Line

Thriving on Instagram requires the ability to adapt to it, which is possible only if you have a proper understanding of the platform. We hope this article provides you with sufficient information regarding Live Instagram statistics to help you get started. 

Besides, now that you know which kinds of content and what time of posting can earn you the highest engagement, we believe you are ready to get started. And in case you are thinking about becoming an Instagram influencer and earning from the platform, it’s never too late!


How do I check my stats on Instagram?

To check your Instagram statistics, click on the Insights action button in your profile section. Here, you can click on separate metrics under the Overview section to obtain more detailed information regarding each of them.

What age group primarily uses Instagram?

Individuals of varied ages use Instagram. Nonetheless, as of April 2023, approximately 31% of Instagrammers worldwide were of ages between 25 and 34 years. 

What percentage of Instagram users have 1000 followers?

Roughly 30% of Instagram accounts have a follower count between 1000 and 10k. Just 0.5% of the accounts possess more than 10 million followers. 

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