Want to make your pictures more appealing and attractive? If you are never satisfied with basic photo editing software, then Snapseed is the best photo editing app you can try. Snapseed is designed for photography enthusiasts who are detail-oriented and want to recreate imposing images. 

Whether you need masking, color contrast, or filters like Retrolux, Lens Blur, and more, this tool has a stack of features you may miss in random editing tools. Editing photos becomes non-destructive and super easy when you have Snapseed installed on your device.  

As the app is free, you can give it a try to know its worth and fine-tune your images on the go. Though the application is free, you get all the exclusive features for quality editing that you expect from any premium image editing software. 

To explain it better, Snapseed is a one-touch apply editing tool that is super easy to use and offers all features of professional editing tools.

The Best Photo Editing App – Snapseed App


Create Images That Pop Up At a Glance with Snapseed 

Pictures play a crucial role in everyone’s life. It’s a way to create memories and cherish the moments we spent in the past. When we tend to capture a picture and want to keep it for life long, it has to be perfect with original essence. 

But sometimes, pictures don’t come out perfect. For example, the poor lighting effect may create a lousy shot due to software limitations. Thanks to Snapseed (A photo editing tool), which helps edit images without compromising originality and make them more appealing.  Snapseed has everything that allows you quick editing and transforms your ordinary picture into a pro-level image. 

Edit Your Photos Without Spending a Penny Using Snapseed 

Snapseed is a free image editing software; you don’t need to pay a penny to edit your images. Besides this, this editing software doesn’t consume much space on your PC or smartphone. The application size is 22Mb which even fits your phone without consuming RAM. 

This application is now available in 40+ languages, further easing photo editing in different zones. The app offers non-destructive editing, allowing you to retain HD quality without hassles. This software has a mobile-friendly interface, you can use it on your mobile phone for editing your images. 

Snapseed is readily available on Apple App and Google Play Store, you don’t need to juggle to find this editing tool. Over 100 million users have already downloaded this application from the Play Store. Well, 100 million + Downloads are sufficient to show its credibility.

Features of Snapseed App:

Features of snapseed

Anyways, since we are done with the basic description and introduction part. Now let us look into the more technical aspects of this app which make it an app worth having.

  • Firstly, the SNAPSEED application lets you save your edited and enhanced image at a very high quality which may hold the same resolution as that of your original image. It allows you to save images up to the maximum size which your respective devices are able to process.

The Device Limitations are as Follows : 

Features of Snapseed

  • The SNAPSEED app holds around 29 different tools and filters which lets you easily turn your captured photos into masterpieces to be showcased and cherished.
The Tools, Filters and other functions are as follows :

  • RAW Develop feature – This feature lets you easily make changes and edits to RAW DNG files and save your images without any type of loss or noise of any kind. You can very easily export them as JPG format for better compatibility over different devices.
  • It also holds some very common tools like Tuning an image, Crop, Rotate, Vignette, Text and Contrast which may be found in other common and basic photo editing softwares as well.
  • In addition to the above tools, the SNAPSEED app holds some more professional tools like :
  • Perspective – This tool helps in fixing up skewed lines and perfect out the geometry of horizons and buildings in your pictures.
  • White Balance – The white balance tool lets you adjust the colors involved in your image to make it look and turn into more natural looking photos according to your desire.
  • Brush (Selective) – With this fantastic feature, you’ll be able to remove flaws and blemishes from the image. You can quickly remove ant brightness and background saturation problems with the help of a selective filter brush. Moreover, you can remove or edit flaws from a particular side without filtering the whole picture.
    The feature is also helpful in enhancing the depth of a captured shot by applying the HDR. With this, you can easily
  • Curves – This option gives you the ability to make changes with precision over the brightness levels of your respective images.
  • Lens Blur – This awesome feature lets you give a professional blurry look to parts of your picture to allow the important part more visible and readily acceptable to the eye.
  • Glamour Glow – The feature will add a natural finish to the skin tone and add a glowing effect to the skin. However, the filter doesn’t disturb the quality of the image but rather makes it more appealing.
  • Tonal contrast – This tool helps in making the required changes in the color contrast of a picture to make it look at total harmony and peace.
  • HDR scape – It may be used for multiple exposure.
  • Face Enhance – Lastly, this filter is mainly focused on enhancing your photo by concentrating more over face-specific lightening and skin smoothening in order to make the faces look as you desire in the pictures.
  • Export in Jpg – This feature of Snapseed also helps to convert the RAW file into JPG quickly. To do this, you have to open the RAW file through Snapseed and simply convert it into JPG format. After making final edits compress the picture in high quality and share it directly on social media platforms. Isn’t it just amazing?
  • Expand the Image – You can easily expand the picture’s frame if the frame is smaller than the captured image. You can also add appropriate content to the image and add text to the image. You can even compress images without affecting resolution and with the same HDR quality. The maximum resolution of the image on particular devices is as follows:

Some additional filters include: Drama, Grunge, Grainy Film, Vintage, Retrolux, Noir, Black and White along with a small collection of frames which you can add to your pictures to give it a more classy look.

Some Extra Key Features and Changes to Previous Versions:

The biggest perk of using this photo editing software is you can edit the image, save changes and turn it into a predefined look. Later, you can apply the same changes to edit new photos. Also, the entire features of this app allow you to re-edit images anytime. 

However, the Brush Tool is highly selective and allows you to apply changes to a particular section of the picture that you desire to edit.

Download Snapseed App

How To Download & Install Snapseed Apk On Android?

Download For Android

Follow the steps to download and install Snapseed on Android. 

  • Foremost, go to Google Play Store on your phone.
  • In the search bar, type SNAPSEED and search for the application. Then, click on the first icon given in the screenshot.

Download Snapseed For Android

Install Snapseed

  • Click on install and wait a couple of minutes to install the application.
  • Once the application is installed, click to open the application and you are good to go. Snapseed Downloaded
  • Now, to start editing, simply tap on the + sign given in the screenshot and tap on “Allow.” A Message will prompt where it asks you to give access to your device’s photos and other media files.

Oen Snapseed

Snapseed Permissions

  • Once you are done with this, use different tools to make changes as you need and save the changes.
    Snapseed Tools
    NOTE: If you are installing the SNAPSEED apk file from Google’s Play store then you can simply press on the install button. However, if you are downloading the apk file from some other source. Then you will first need to download the apk file and then manually install it by clicking on the downloaded apk file.

How To Download And Install Snapseed App On iPhone (Ios)?

Download For iOS

  • First of all, you have to go to Apple’s app store and then search for the Snapseed app.
  • Once you find it, simply click on it and let it install itself.
  • After you are done with that the rest of the working principle is pretty much the same as shown in the previous section for the Android version.
  • There is no any difference in the tools and features between the Android and the iOS versions. So, using the app over any of the devices should almost be the same.

How To Download And Install Snapseed On Windows Pc?

Download For Windows

  • To install this application on your Windows, foremost, you need to install/download Bluestack Emulator in your system.
    Once you’ve installed the application, open this application and follow the sign-in process. Here, you need to sign in to your Gmail account.
    After successfully login in, go to the Google Play Store and type “Snapseed” in the search bar. Then, click on install after getting the app.
    After installation, you must follow the same steps as you did for SNAPSEED on an Android phone. The emulator offers the same interface so you don’t feel trouble accessing it.
  • NOTE: There is no available SNAPSEED EXE file available for Windows available. Thus, installing of SNAPSEED app on your Windows PC is not a direct process but involves a number of extra steps and installation of apps in order to run this app on your Windows system. Thus, it is advised to the users to use the app over your android and iOS devices. Still if there is a need to run and use the SNAPSEED apk file on Windows. The you may follow the steps as follows.[/blockquote]

How To Download And Install Snapseed App On Mac Os?

Download For MAC

The snapseed application is not available on the MAC system. But if you want to install this app on your MAC OS device, then here are some steps you need to follow:

  1. Foremost, you must install the “Andyroid Emulator” on your MAC OS. It is easily available in the Apple Play store and works similarly to Bluestack.
  2. Once you’re done with installing the emulator, visit Google Play Store and search the Snapseed app.
  3. When you get the app download/install it into the emulator
  4. The editing process is similar to the guide you follow for Android devices.

How to Delete Photos from Snapseed App

  • Once you have finished editing, tap on “edit history” (square icon with curved arrow given on the top of the screen). 
  • Now, tap on ‘View edit” in the given menu bar. 
  • See the “edit stack” given at the bottom. In this section, you’ll see the entire edits that you have made.
  • Tap any edits from the stack to see the three options. 
  • Tap the “Trash” icon if you want to delete the photo. 

Why Is Snapseed Considered As The Best Photo Editing App?

Snapseed has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. Besides this, you get 29+ different tools and filters, including white balance, background removal, etc., to make your picture flawless. Moreover, you can even make individual edits to your image without editing the whole image.

And the best part is all this you can have for free without paying a single penny. On top of this, the app is available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows also. So, you can use it without any hassles. 

Download Snapseed Today and Edit Your Photos like a Pro

Get ready to edit your image like a professional photographer by using the Snapseed editing tool. With this app, you can easily add charm and an artistic look to your image. And all this you can do without paying anything. Hope, you’ve enjoyed reading about the application. Get ready to edit your images and achieve flawless images like a professional photographer. 

Requirements And Additional Information:

  • For Android version: 22 MB
  • For iOS version: 99.6 MB 
  • For Android: Android 4.4 and higher
  • For iOS: iOS 9.0 and higher.
  • Google’s Play Store: Over 50,000,000 downloads
  • Upto Down : Over 1,951,901 downloads
  • com : Over 153,000 downloads
License type
  • Free
Languages Available IN

English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.


If you ask me why you should use this app. Then my answer will be quite simple. First of all this app comes with a very beautiful and easy to use User Interface which not only makes your experience fun but a whole lot easier. Then there is also the fact that this app is really lightweight as compared to similar apps like it.

This greatly reduces the burden of extra space and memory requirements that worries most phone users anywhere. Lastly, the filters and tools let you come up with the same standard of the image you will get if you had used any more complex professional tools. Thus, in all these ways, having the SNAPSEED app for your daily tweaks and photo edits is just undeniable.